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Buena Vista, Colorado

Buena Vista was a stop over during our trip enroute to our next destination, but we enjoyed the visit. We stayed at the Buena Vista KOA, which was nestled in a beautiful valley. We had one full day to spend and we went on a nice hike up from the city. The altitude was higher here, so even though our hike was only 4.2 miles, we felt the impact on the vertical climbs. We miss the nice thick air! The town is known for white water rafting. We didn't do that but watching the fast moving river, we see can see that it's a good spot!

Driving to Buena Vista was our most challenging drive yet . . .and ever for that matter! We took highway 550, known as the "Million Dollar Highway." The views and steep drop-offs were absolutely breathtaking. It's amazing how this road was ever built. We later learned USA Today named this highway to it's "Most Dangerous Roads List" in 2013 along with the "Highway of Death" road in Iraq and "Death Road" in Bolivia.


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We are both corporately retired, but enjoy running a photography business together.  Doug is the primary photographer and Cindy a designer.  Cindy also does part time accounting work.

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