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Estes Park Fly Fishing Adventure

High on our list, before we ever left, was a fly fishing adventure in Estes Park -- and a good choice it was! We inquired at our campground regarding options and talked to Kayleigh, who works both at our campground and also at Kirks Fly Shop ( She suggested we request David as our guide. David took Cindy and I on our own private fishing excursion. He was an excellent teacher and guide, and he worked hard to ensure that we caught fish! We would highly recommend Kirks Fly Shop, and David, for a fly fishing excursion!

We both learned a lot about the art of fly fishing for trout in Colorado streams. According to David, the water level doubled from the day before, so it was rushing hard. We fished from the stream and along the side. There are plenty of trout, but it is an art to catch them -- a properly directed cast, leader lines with flies of the right depth, the right weight for the water flow, letting the fly run with the stream, keeping a taught line, a quick but gentle set when a fish bites, and as Doug finally learned -- always a set downstream! All in all, a fun learning experience in a serene environment. We were also treated to a showing of Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep during our fishing adventure.

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