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Fort Myers 2022

Updated: Jun 20, 2022

We have been too busy to get a post out but we are working on catching up! It was a fantastic winter season in southwest Florida. We enjoyed spending a relaxing season after the intensity of our development last year.

The first photo is a light painting of our lot – several images put together lighting up small portions of the scene at night. It was a big undertaking for a scene like this but we enjoyed putting an artistic touch to our winter get-a-way. The second picture, taken during the day, provides a look into our Tiki Hut where we spend a lot of time! Kovu and Kiara (our two ragdolls) love being outside with us too in the Tiki in their “Catio”. Good thing we built it big enough to accommodate them! You can see in one of the pictures that they are worn out after spending time outside!

It was an exciting year with several visitors. We’re going to just call it a tie, but within 24 hours both Scott and Abby and then Barb and friends visited us as first family members! No guest book, but guests get your picture taken! We had several friends that visited us too which we really enjoyed. In addition, our kids found out where we hang out on extended “spring break for adults” during the winter season. We really enjoyed their week long visit and had a fantastic time hanging out, playing tennis and pickleball, biking on Sanibel Island, going to the beach and of course the pool. I think we all thought our airboat tour of the Everglades was the highlight though . . . or was it Jenga!!! We dined out some and had fun meals and games under the Tiki. We had a blast during their visit!

This season was a great one for making several new friends at Cypress Trail Resort, especially through Pickleball. While we still like to play tennis, we really enjoyed jumping into Pickleball! The last photo is from a season ending gathering with some of our Pickleball friends and the picture right before that is from a biking excursion a few of us did at beautiful BocaGrande.

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