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Light Painting our Navion

We are enjoying our time in sunny and warm 😎 Fort Myers! We are staying at Cypress Trails RV Resort, with numerous amenities . . . the tennis courts, pickelball courts and swimming pool being our favorites. Doug has been wanting to expand into light painting photography and the conference we just attended in Nashville provided some great information. This is our rig at our site in Fort Myers. This picture was taken in the dark with a tripod, and consists of about 20 photos. Cindy is timing the shutter while Doug moves around like Darth Vador holding two light wands, moving them continuously to light up small sections for each image. All the images are then pieced together in Photoshop. It's quite a project but it produces a portrait a bit different than the norm.


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We are both corporately retired, but enjoy running a photography business together.  Doug is the primary photographer and Cindy a designer.  Cindy also does part time accounting work.

We enjoy traveling in our RV with our two Ragdoll cats (Kovu and Kiara) and look forward to sharing our travel, RV and photography experiences.

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