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Mt. St. Helens

We had some debate whether we should backtrack from Olympic National Park to Mt. St. Helens after previously being at Mt Rainier and seeing it in the distance.  Well it was worth returning!  We had the best hike yet and it was fascinating to see the area.

Our hike started on Ape Canyon Trail and we then adjoined the Loowit Trail which took us onto Mt. St. Helens into what is called the "Plains of Abraham"where the lava flowed through--very surreal and the views were amazing! We hiked over 11 miles with a 2,200 foot elevation gain. Besides Mt. St. Helens, we could also see Mt. Adams and Mt. Rainier (see last picture). The devastation cause by the eruption were clearly evident, with the lava fields and paths. This will be on our "return list" with a summit to the top trek!

Mt. St. Helens remains an active stratovolcano with the historic eruption May 18,1980, with the force of a hydrogen bomb.  Fifty Seven people died, with most being from asphyxiation after inhaling hot ash.

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