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The Oregon Dunes Playground!

The "sandbox" was quite fun to play in! We rented a couple single seat Polaris RZR1's at Spinreel ATV. Two seaters apparently lead to higher marriage conflict! They were a blast! We had 4 hours to explore the dunes and we also headed down to the ocean beach. It is amazing how well they climb and handle. Spinreel ATV was great. Very professional, good orientation and high safety awareness. We would highly recommend them.

We stopped by the local Winchester Bay lighthouse to make our stay authentic. Our campground (Winchester Bay RV Resort) was one of the nicest yet. We parked looking directly into Salmon Harbor.

A long day of ATV'ing requires replenishment. We topped the evening off with fresh seared steelhead trout--lightly smoked, roasted brussels sprouts and grilled tomatoes. It's just the right amount of roughing it for us!


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