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Wrangler on the Beach

Hope this isn't a disappointment, but we were not wrangling any gators or crocs 🐊 on the beach!!! We did, however, do a Jeep Wrangler shoot! 🏖 We spent the earlier part of the day at Fort Myers Beach and then headed out to find a good location to produce a light painted image. We decided to head to Sanibel Island as we knew there were some permissible areas to drive into along the beach. We found the perfect spot and settled in to watch the sunset and wait for it to get dark. The second picture shows the scouted location before sunset and you can see the different affect of the light painted image. About 30 minutes after sunset it was dark enough to get going. All sections of the Jeep were lit up in small sections, including the headlights and fog lights which were done with a small flashlight. The exposures were long enough that we were able to capture some post sunset light still in the sky that was barely visible by looking. The long exposure also produced a dreamy bay affect with the water. All in all, it was a fun outing!

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